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Amethyst Crystal Pipe Chillum W/ Inlaid Gem Facets


Polished 4 sided Amethyst Crystal Chillum. Amethyst is a stone of Enlightenment, Healing, and protection. The Black Spinel facet helps ground and empower one (especially when neutralizing negative energies ) as well as adding the element of protection. Spinel gets its name from the Latin root Spina meaning Spine. This also represents the invigoration this piece brings to the being as it enlivens the energies of the Root to the Crown charging the Spinal region with a potent push for Grounded Heart Wisdom.

The Green Tourmaline facet is a divine healing crystal with a strong Heart / Earth Energy connection and deep Compassion in it's Perfect Loving Wholesomeness. The Yellow Sapphire Facet is a stone of Motivation and Abundance. Calling upon our inner Universal energy it also helps us in focusing wisely on utilizing that energy to accomplish our goals and ideals. The 2 connected triangles cut into the edge of this piece represent a masculine expression of the Vesica Pisces which in sacred geometry represents the two. There is much to understand about this reality of the interaction of the two. It's roots are the nature of relationship that give rise to the multiplicity of creation and experience. Here with the gems it represents the melding of the motivation of sapphire and deep heart energy of the green tourmaline within the wisdom of a grounded mind.

The 8 Polished bubbles are a representation of the 7 major energy centers within as well as all that we are that is beyond that. The wave of the bubbles represents the divine frequency that all the Universe is made of as well as the Eb and Flow of all things. It is also a 2D model of a Single Helix or Spiraled line. Intrinsically the spiral is a labyrinth of deepening complexity and surface area compared to it's basic root, the straight line. This reality adds opportunity for more experience as an expansion of the paradigm of the line. The 4 sides of this piece Hold it's potent energies with Strength, Balance, and Direction as the piece gets smaller toward the mouth. Inspire the Deep Potential of your inner Ideal Self with this Powerful Healing Instrument.