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This bold necklace combines 90s colors with the style of African jewelry.

It's made almost entirely of climbing rope and woven with cotton thread in a repeated mountain motif. Its adjustable climbing knots allows the necklace to be worn both short and long depending on your mood or outfit. Handmade in Milan, Italy, it comes in a beautifully designed felt package.

Measurements: Extended 70-75 cm circumference approx

About three-quarters of a million years ago (making Kilimanjaro a veritable youngster in geological terms) molten lava burst through the fractured surface of the Great Rift Valley, a giant fault in the earth’s crust that runs through East Africa (actually, Kilimanjaro lies 50 miles from the East African Rift Valley along a splinter running off it). The huge pressures behind this eruption pushed part of the Earth’s crust skywards, creating the Shira volcano, the oldest of the volcanoes forming the Kilimanjaro massif. Shira eventually ceased erupting around 500,000 years ago, collapsing as it did so to form a huge caldera (the deep cauldron-like cavity on the summit of a volcano) many times the size of its original crater.