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Set of two resin bangles, marbled black and white, fits M


Set of two matching bangles in an awesome black-and-white marbled look, made from resin cast.

Consisting of one irregular formed, bulky and a four-sided, flat bangle.

Resin was colored with pigments in black and white for this dramatic high-contrast effect. Patterns are irregular, so both bangle have more black and more white parts, depending on the visible sides.

The broad bangle has some additional punctured parts on the surface, due to tiny bubbles in the silicon mold. This gives the bangle an raw and organic feel.
Edges are sanded and polished softly, the surface of both bangles is semi-matte.

Broad bangle:
Hight: 1,77 in, diameter: 2,52 in, inner circumference 7,99 in.

Flat bangle:
Hight: 0,39 in, diameter: 2,52 in, inner circumference 7,68 in.

Should fit a hand circumference from 7,48 to 7,87 in.